The Italian Collection - 'Fiat 500s' (1978) - Naples

The Italian Collection - 'Fiat 500s' (1978) - Naples

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A limited edition, Blank Wall collection photograph as a made-to-order fine art print on 300gsm gallery quality paper. Available with black solid wood frames and white card mounts. 


Background: A crowd of Fiats line the streets, with a pile of rubbish in the background -  commonplace in Naples during this period. One of four prints taken by my Grandfather in Naples in the late 1970s, capturing an Italian summer. Hot, sunny listless days surrounded by the old city streets and the sea. Available as a set of five prints, or separate.


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- 多台奥林巴斯M1


- 黑白:120 卷胶片 (6x7) 和 (6x9),以及 35mm Ilford FP4/HP5

- 颜色:35 毫米柯达 Kodachrome 1/2、Ektachrome、Agfa Agfachrome。 Fujifilm Velvia/Provia 上也有不到 50 张照片。


- 艺术微喷印刷在 300gsm 画廊品质、树脂涂层 Hahnemüle Pearl 档案纸上。


- 缎黑色木框架,宽度 20 毫米。传统风格的优质白卡安装。所有印刷品均配有玻璃正面。


1. 其中许多照片已有 70 多年的历史。由于胶片的损坏和自然老化,图像颗粒会发生变化。由于这个原因,有些照片无法以大尺寸打印。

2. 屏幕上图像的颜色与收到的纸质照片的颜色略有不同。